About Me

Hi, I’m Palesa M.

I am a Blogger and Photographer based in Pretoria, South Africa. In my “spare time,” I’m studying to become a Pharmacist, so you could say I’m a full-time student.

I love the art of creating images and capturing moments as they happen. I love creating images that evoke emotion and are artistic in their own way, but I also never shy away from a classic type of picture.

I also happen to love writing, which is why you are reading this blog. I have been writing for so long and I can’t seem to stay away from this type of content creation.

Last but not least, I love God. It is my main priority in life to live a life that glorifies him and to also encourage others to do the same. That is why you will find most of my posts geared towards trying to get people to draw closer to God so they can see a massive transformation in their lives

The point of this blog is to simply share everything I learn as I try to navigate adulthood. Every lesson I learn and every accomplishment I have will be documented in the form of a blog post and I hope you will come along this journey with me