Blogging has been my thing for a very long time. From the moment I found out I could write things on the internet and people would read them, I was sold.

If I wasn’t so young back then, I would probably be one of the top bloggers, but my inconsistency is what killed me. Immediately when I started making money, it started feeling like a job because I was treating the whole process like one.

This was in 2014, I was in grade 10 and had no business having a job. You would think money would be motivation enough but it wasn’t. Making money from blogging isn’t as easy as it looks, especially when you’re in your teens and don’t even have your own bank account.

But to this day I thank myself for starting then, because if I didn’t I wouldn’t know what I know now.

Now I’ve decided to stop playing and just do it. Yes I probably won’t be consistent but for me at this moment, it’s just about putting content out there because that’s what I love doing. I know if I focus on the money side, I might fall off again.

For now I don’t even have a niche, I’m going to write about whatever comes to mind when I get inspiration. And most importantly, the posts won’t be long because in this digital space, people, including myself, have a short attention span.

I hope you guys will support me on this, and at least leave a comment every now and then. I love those

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