The truth is, as much as there’s a lot of information on practically anything we might want to learn online, it is not that easy to just do it. Yes when you’re starting out it’s fairly simple, you could just google something like “how to start a blog” and a million articles will show up.

The fact that there’s so much information is both good and bad, because now you have to sieve through a lot of crap to get to the gold that you are looking for

Have a goal

Read up as much as you can on the subject you’re trying to learn and see if it’s really for you. If it really is, it will spark something in you. That’s when you’ll make the decision.

Then choose the objective. Don’t dry to learn 5 things at once. You’ll most probably fail at all of them. We’re not trying to become a jack of all trades, it’s better to master one skill than be basic at 5.

Get quality information

As I mentioned before, there is a lot of crap on the internet so you will have to distinguish between that and the gold. The perfect way to do that is to go straight to the top dogs in your skill. And I’m not talking about the number of followers the person has, I’m talking about the skill they have.

Examples of the top dogs

Business: Vusi Thembekwayo, Tim Ferris, and Marie Forleo

Blogging: Seth Godin, Melyssa Griffin, and Darren Rowse

Film making: Peter Mckinnon

Photography: Jessica Kobeissi, Mango Street

Please note I only included content creators I follow, only because that’s what I know and I can’t recommend what I don’t know

Is this not the most beautiful sight!! by Jakob Owens


At some point I thought watching enough photography videos would make me exceptional, that was not the case. The only thing that makes me better is when I go out and shoot. There is really no point in consuming information and sitting with it.

A famous rule from Outliers by Michael Gladwell says that it takes 10 000 hours to become an expert in any field you want, meaning you have to actually start working and stop procrastinating on it.

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Below in the comments, tell me which skill you would want to gain/improve on.