The bible app was, for the longest time, that app that just chilled on my phone. Mainly because I convinced myself I would read it one day.

You might think because of the convenience that comes with having your bible on your phone, people would read it more. That is far from the truth.

A lot of us just let it take up space in our phone because feel too guilty to delete it or we think that one day we might actually start using it the way it should be.

There are so many ways this app can help you grow in your walk with God and may be the key you have been looking for to finally have a relationship with Him.

Bible Plans

Bible plans literally changed my Christian walk when I didn’t know how to read the bible.

I knew I had to but found the bible difficult to understand, or I would just get bored and stop after a few scriptures without getting anything out of it.

It was when I started reading bible plans that things started coming together. Because in the beginning, you may be at a point when you don’t understand the bible, start with a plan about praying.

This will set the foundation you need because once you know how to pray and why it is important, you will be able to pray before reading the bible plan and the holy spirit will aid in your understanding.

Staying consistent is not easy, even with notifications reminding you that you should be reading, so it will all come down to being self-disciplined and realizing how important this is. You have to tell yourself that reading the word is a priority, or else you will keep falling off.

Audio Bible

We all have those days when reading the bible just seems impossible. Sometimes even reading your bible plan becomes a mission.

That’s when the audio bible becomes so much more essential.

Having a voice read along with you makes things clearer because you have no choice but to listen.

I usually listen while reading so that I don’t skip anything when my mind decides to wander, and also because it aids in my understanding

Daily Scripture

Even if you just take a glimpse at it, it makes a difference. It might not change your life in an instant but it’s better than completely not reading the word.

One thing I like doing is bible journaling around the scripture of the day.

You can also make it a challenge for yourself in the beginning to meditate on that scripture daily using the SOAP method and grow yourself that way

Activity Tracker

A lot of us have a goal of reading the bible consistently. If you are a person of habit, this will prompt you to open the app.

The daily tracker can help you so that you at least open the app once a day to keep up with yourself, even if you are reading just one verse.

Endless bible versions

In total, the YouVersion bible app has 1096 versions to choose from. I use the New Living Translation, after some careful consideration.

When I come across a confusing verse, switching between versions is as easy and clicking a few times. That is the benefit of having so many versions in multiple languages

Connecting with friends

This is not a feature I fully utilize but I can see why it would be beneficial to connect with your friends. Having people to discuss with and be accountable to will definitely aid in your understanding and also consistency