In my life, I’ve always been someone who just gets an idea and goes through with it. That’s literally how I started blogging, creating websites, editing, and photography. When something sounds attractive, I just do it.

As much as I’m obsessed with planning every part of my life, this is the exception. I think this is mostly because of the adrenaline rush we get when things are showing so much potential and could make us so happy.

And then when the real work comes in when I start to fall back because what I’m doing is not as easy as I thought it would be. In the long run, it’s not as exciting as the online mentors told me it would be and now I have this thing that is staring at me, asking for more of my time and commitment.

This is not a good thing because when you do a lot, you miss out on the opportunity to be a master at one. If I just focus on writing, I could be an amazing writer because that would be all that I do, but because I’ve got all these other things that I’ve committed myself to, I can’t put all my effort into writing.

Same thing with photography. Mastery takes time.

This is not necessarily something I’m actively excercising, but I do know that it’s true. I’m just not willing to let go of any of my creative outlets just yet.

What is the one thing you know you should put all your focus into?