When I have my hair out, every corner that I turn I get the question “how did you grow your hair?” “which products do you use?”and so many more.

And as much as I love talking about hair, it gets tiring having to say the same thing over and over again. In this blog post I will address all those common questions I get.

How did you grow your hair

The truth is, our hair grows. The misconception that 4C hair doesn’t grow is a myth that has been debunked a long time ago. So how I grew my hair by just letting it grow, literally.

The reason we think our hair doesn’t grow is because it breaks at the same rate it grows, which makes us think its at the same stage (even though we used to relax out hair every month or two because of new growth).

So yes, as much as I took care of my hair as best as I couldn, there really is nothing special that I did. I just made sure that it doesn’t break. This means doing the following

  1. Moisturizing frequently. Listen to your hair and you will know how often it needs to be done
  2. Wash your hair weekly, or at least every 2 weeks. Don’t compromise on this, or else you’ll walk around with greesy hair
  3. Protective styling. I don’t really do this but it works. Do braids frequently when you’re just starting out and your hair is at that awkward length, but make sure you still give your scalp a break

How do I make sure my hair doesn’t break

After I tell people all they have to do is make sure their hair is moisturized, this is the next question I get. Try these tips:

Moisturize frequently with a water based moisturizer. Dry hair breaks, this is so important to remember

Don’t use fine toothed combs. Invest in wide toothed combs. Even better, just don’t use combs for detangling. Rather use your fingers

Deep condition your hair. To make sure the conditioner you are using is a deep conditioner, the instruction has to say “put on your hair for 30 minutes”. Anything less might mean its just a conditioner

Which products do you use

The answer is, I use a lot. I don’t use the same products all the time. The brands I use are; Auntie Jackies, Afrobotanics, Dark and loely au naturele,Tresemme, ORS, Native Child.

Below are products you should try to get to start off

Normal Shampoo

Sulphate Free shampoo

Moisturizing Deep conditioner

Leave in conditioner

Moisturizing Cream / Shea Butter


The best deal you can get so this doesn’t overwhelm you is the native child super moisture combo for R239. It includes a shampoo, conditioner, Castor oil and shea butter. This is basically all you need.

Do you go to a salon?

The answer is yes and no. for my everyday hair care, I do it myself. Mainly because salons are expecsive and I find it hard to trust anyone with my hair. So the only time i go to a salon is when I need a trim (twice a year) and also when I protective style (something I rarely do).

The salon I go to is Indalo Nubian Naturals.

How do you get your hair to be soft

A lot of people don’t understand the concept of shrinkage. The reason my hair never looks coarse is because it’s almost always stretched. To stretch your hair all you need to do is twist it after moisturizing it, then just untwist when you have to go somewhere.

Not to say you shouldn’t be proud of your shrinkage, it’s just that hair is more likely to tangle if you let it shrink after watching

I hope the above tips answered at least one of your questions. If you have any questions or even commentary, make sure you leave it in the comments