I started blogging around the time when blogging was booming. I was 15 and loved writing so naturally I gravitated towards blogging, the one way I could get my writing out there. I would write for hours, provided it was crap but I still did it, because I liked doing it.

And then I read about monetizing. That was when everything fell apart.

I got obsessed; consumed. I would read about Affiliate Marketing, Adsense and brand collaborations for hours, trying to figure out how I can make money from my hobby. I tried all the methods and none of them would work so I got discouraged and eventually stopped.

I remember at some point I would write about things that didn’t even interest me, simply because they would be favoured by  SEO (being front page of google). I got obsessed with making money.

The problem is not money, the problem is that I get too ambitious and that distracts me from doing the actual thing that I’m supposed to be doing, aka writing. Money becomes the focus.

My point is, if you’re going to be doing something because money is involved, especially a creative passion/hobby, then you should probably stop.

I was told multiple times that if I blog for money then I would not make it, but I still did it, and failure was the outcome.

Of course we strive to make money from the things we enjoy the most, but that’s the thing; you have to enjoy it and not only the money.

PS: I have made money from blogging, so it wasn’t all in vain